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Due to Covid, we have suspended all deliveries, however you can still order on delivery apps from the robson location!


Creamy Cheese Tart

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Our Brand

The Castella Cheesecake brand is a Japanese-style pastry bakery established in 2018 to bring the bona fide taste of light Japanese desserts to Canada. Castella opened its first branch on Robson Street in the heat of downtown Vancouver shopping district and has since propelled a further five branches throughout Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. We additionally have a central bakery establishment supplying fresh bakery items daily, working effectively to provide the freshest baked goods to our most valuable fans.

One of the key factors in Castella Cheesecake’s prosperity has been its ethos, that cakes taste best when they’ve been made by the very same tools and methods as those utilized in home baking. Consequently, every single Castella Cheesecake are hand crafted by a group of master pastry specialists, without heavy machinery and industrial batch production.

We hope you can experience the same excitement as we did when we first started Castella Cheesecake!


The Owner

Billy, the Founder and Managing Director, built up the "Castella Cheesecake” brand idea in light of what he saw as an absence of any spots in Vancouver to appreciate the essence of genuinely credible Japanese-style treats.

His vision for the bakery shop and love of Japanese preparing happened to be something that numerous fans inside Vancouver, and from all over Canada came to share. Today the pastry bakery has turned into an exceedingly celebrated and sought-after brand.